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How can SeniorCare help you?

Medicaid Application Process Assistance

SeniorCare has helped thousands of people navigate the application process and qualify for Medicaid. Our professional staff will assist you in gathering the necessary documentation, and smoothing out the bureaucratic tangles. By filing your application in the most effective format, SeniorCare ensures the speedy processing of your application.

Eligibility Planning and Asset Protection

Many victims of improper planning end up forfeiting their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid. SeniorCare will show you the best ways to transfer and allocate your financial resources, in order to ensure eligibility while retaining your hard-earned assets.

Home Care Services

SeniorCare is proficient in all of the many types of home care available. We will help you assess your needs, and obtain the desired course of care for your loved one within the comforts of home. Read more

Accessing services under “pending” status

SeniorCare has earned the confidence of certified home health agencies, to the point that many of them will provide our clients with “pending” Medicaid services almost instantaneously after our recommendation. Often, we can provide your loved one almost immediate health care services.

Nursing home placement

Through our vast experience, SeniorCare is knowledgeable in the wide variety of nursing care options available today. After identifying your individual needs, SeniorCare can match you up with the best nursing home option for your personal circumstances.