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Pooled Income Trust

A Pooled Income Trust is a unique tool that affords individuals with income exceeding the Medicaid allowable level, known as the “surplus”, to protect their excess income while still qualifying for community Medicaid services. This surplus income is generated from one’s monthly Social Security, Pension or yearly IRA distributions etc.

The Medicaid law requires individuals with a monthly surplus income exceeding the Medicaid allowable levels to “spend down” their income on medical expenses or repay it to the Medicaid program to keep their Medicaid active. For most people, losing their surplus income causes a major strain as they cannot meet their monthly living expenses. By joining a Pooled Income Trust, the excess income gets deposited into this special trust monthly and one is able to utilize the money for one;s own expenses (utility, rent, clothing, food bills etc.) rather than paying it down to the Medicaid program.

Our professional staff has years of experience in filing the necessary paperwork for the Pooled Income Trust to assure that it is approved by Medicaid.