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Initial Consultation / Getting Started

We are pleased that you have taken the first step along the way to appropriate Medicaid planning! Our friendly, professional staff is eager to assist you. Upon initiating Medicaid planning procedures, the following documentation will be necessary.

Verification Of Age And Citizenship (One may be enough but must have photo ID)
Passport (may be expired)
Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate
Social Security Award Letter (Social Security Administration issues this letter : 1-800-SSA-1213)
Naturalization papers, if applicable
Voter Registration Card

Verification Of Monthly Income (Social Security, Pension, Annuity, Etc.)
Copy of actual check that is received
Copy of Social Security Award Letter
Copy of letter from payer stating amount of pension benefits,etc.

Verification Of Rent & Related Expenses
Rent receipt, deed to house, telephone, gas & electric bills

Health Insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AARP, HIP, HMO, Etc.)
Copy of insurance card (s)
Proof of Premiums (copy of premium notice(s) and/or copy of canceled checks showing payment of premium(s)

Copy of card
Proof of enrollment in Part-A and/or Part-B

Social Security Card
Copy of card

Proof Of Marital Status
Copy of marriage certificate/separation papers
Divorce decree and/or Death Certificate

Whole Life Insurance (choose one)
Copy of insurance policy
Statement from insurance company stating current cash value

Reparations (i.e. German, Austrian, Japanese-American, Agent Orange Payments)
Copy of check or affidavit or receipt of Reparations
Proof of total received

Financial Statements
Nursing Home
February 2006 to present – bank statements, passbooks, stocks, bonds, CD’s,IRA’s, etc.
12 months of checking statements

Home Care
Last month of all bank statements, checking, savings, passbooks, stocks, bonds, CD’s, Annuities, IRA’s, etc. – 3 months if outside NYC

Burial Deed
Pre-paid Burial documents – must be in Irrevocable Medicaid Trust

Income Tax Forms For Last Two Years (for Nursing Home only)

Doctor’s Diagnosis (for homecare only)