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Assisting Clients with the New York State Medicaid Application Process

Assisting Clients with the New York State Medicaid Application Process

Your loved one’s health is deteriorating, and you worry constantly.

You need help at home, but you’ve heard that it is so expensive; it could cost over $50,000 a year! You are concerned that your loved one may one day need a long-term care facility, and are afraid to even think about what that might cost. You feel so overwhelmed!

When a family is faced with crisis, they must seek professional help.

Most people are not knowledgeable in handling the intricacies of Medicaid. There are many confusing terms and concepts, and misinformation can be extremely costly. Filing a Medicaid application is often an overwhelming experience. Hundreds of documents may be required; missing information can delay coverage, or even lead to outright rejection. A knowledgeable and reputable agency can assist you in navigating the system, and applying the rules pertinent to your individual case.

With proper advice and guidance, Medicaid can be the best option for your loved one.

Although it is never too early to start planning for Medicaid, it is also never too late. Regardless of your current situation, even if little or no planning has been done until now, with proper understanding of the Medicaid regulations, substantial asset protection can usually be accomplished.


  • “SeniorCare walked us through the process of getting my mother-in-law onto Medicaid, making the whole experience a lot easier. As a Holocaust survivor, my mother-in-law was on a pension plan from Germany. SeniorCare knew exactly which documentation was necessary, and what my mother-in-law was eligible for. Their numbers were all accurate and accepted by Medicaid, and they stuck to the time frame that they originally quoted. With SeniorCare’s help, my mother-in-law just got placed in an assisted living residence. I absolutely recommend them!”

  • “When I was trying to qualify my mother for Medicaid, I knew I needed a company I could trust. Ours was not a simple case; numerous small accounts needed to be consolidated and tracked before my mother would be eligible. SeniorCare did exactly what they said they would do, getting my mother approved for nursing home care very quickly. When Medicaid made an error, SeniorCare was able to straighten it out.”

  • “SeniorCare saved my family over $70,000. Our case involved spousal refusal, a legality that we didn’t even know existed! We thought we would have to pay for nursing home care privately. With SeniorCare’s help, my Mom was approved for Medicaid, and that money was saved for the family. When the time came and my Dad needed services, I didn’t even think twice—I just went to SeniorCare. By recommending a switch of insurance policy, SeniorCare was able to save us an additional $11,000. The reassurance that our case was being handled by professionals gave us tremendous peace of mind, and with SeniorCare’s clear financial analysis, the applications just sailed right through.”

  • “I’ve recommended so many people to SeniorCare, and they really helped them. SeniorCare provides excellent service and excellent financial planning. Their years of experience give clients the satisfaction of knowing with confidence that they can get Medicaid. I think they’re great people!”

  • “SeniorCare prioritizes every case; they are successful in attaining and maximizing third-party coverage. The feedback that we’ve gotten from the many clients we refer to SeniorCare is very positive. They are easy to work with, and provide services quickly, economically, and in the most convenient way possible.”

  • “SeniorCare is an excellent, inexpensive alternative to Eldercare lawyers. They provide expert advice and professional services. We have had very good experiences with our clients who used SeniorCare. They expedite the Medicaid application process, and are experienced and knowledgeable, experts in the field."

  • “I highly recommend families applying for Medicaid to utilize SeniorCare’s services. Aside from being affordable, they are THE experts in New York Medicaid. If SeniorCare can’t help you get Medicaid, I don’t think anybody can!”